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DMExpress Data Integration Solutions: Fast. Efficient. Simple.

Cost Effective. Growing data volumes, along with the increasing velocity and variety of sources, are pushing the limits of home-grown data integration solutions. The resulting complexity and increased costs have made developing, maintaining, and tuning thousands of SQL scripts unproductive and unsustainable. The DMExpress SQL Migration solution can help organizations regain control of their data integration processes by bringing all data transformations into purpose-built, high-performance, self-tuning data integration software.

Deploy this solution in less than four weeks to:

  • Optimize Performance at Scale. Experience up to 25x faster elapsed processing times than SQL scripts.
  • Improve Developer Productivity. Eliminate manual coding. Never tune SQL scripts again!
  • Reduce data integration TCO by up to 65%

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Improved IT Staff Productivity

DMExpress eliminates SQL hand-coding by enabling IT staff to build sophisticated data integration jobs through a template-driven graphical user interface, allowing faster development and deployment of data integration jobs. In most cases, hundreds of lines of SQL can be migrated to just a few DMExpress jobs. Once deployed, these jobs are significantly easier to maintain and govern than legacy code. As a result, the designer can concentrate on functional requirements while the DMExpress Optimizer automatically tunes the jobs for optimum performance.

Maximum Performance with Minimum Resource Utilization

Based on more than 40 years of experience, DMExpress leverages hundreds of time-proven optimizations that deliver the highest levels of throughput — reading, transforming, and loading data at maximum I/O rates — while minimizing resource utilization. Organizations using DMExpress typically experience up to 25x faster elapsed processing times with up to 75% less CPU utilization than conventional data integration tools.

Fast, Efficient, Simple Data Integration — Lower TCO

DMExpress allows IT organizations to accelerate performance, significantly reduce complexity, and lower data integration TCO by up to 65% for typical projects.

  • Faster performance at scale means you can defer additional infrastructure purchases while still exceeding performance SLAs.
  • Self-tuning translates into fewer IT staff hours needed to maintain data integration environments and more resources working on value-added activities.
  • Intuitive graphical interface with minimum training required eliminates the need for manually coding SQL scripts while accelerating initiatives to support strategic business objectives.