Tableau Desktop

tableau desktop

This revolutionary product is the result of years of research from Stanford University by some of world’s most recognizable names in the field of Human Computer Interactions and visualizations. This “self service” Business Intelligence (BI) tool allows an organization or individual to produce and share stunning visualizations, reports, and dashboards in minutes through its simple, yet extremely powerful drag and drop features. It’s super fast, elegant, powerful and highly addictive. Make your data work for you, NOT the other way round.

We at Venture Software Solutions believe that most BI companies these days are not hitting the mark with their BI offerings. On top of large cost and heavy IT infrastructure projects, they often missed the real, high value beneficiary of their solutions in terms of deployments – The end users and\or business users!

Tableau Software’s “self service” design and primary technology empowers the actual end users (not IT) to perform analysis at the speed of thought and changes that took place around their respective environments and enables them to produce and share the end results of their analysis 10 – 100 times faster than normal BI cycles.

There are other benefits as well because none of the quality is sacrificed for speed. In fact the quality gets better. The power is passed into the hands of the people that owned and understand the business processes, hence, there’s no “lost In Translations” between IT and end users as in typical BI settings where reports are normally developed by IT person after “understanding” the requirements from the end users.

If you are short on time, budgets, technical knowhow, and you have tonnes of data to analyze, reports to submit and decisions to be made based on information and changing conditions of your businesses, then you definitely can benefit from being a Tableau Desktop user.

Play the video to get the full picture:

Tableau desktop play

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