Introduction to Tableau Software

Tableau Software is all about making spreadsheets and databases understandable to the ordinary people. Initiated by the Department of Defence and then spun out of Stanford University following the likes of Google; VMWare, and SUN, Tableau wants to ensure that everybody who needs to make informed decisions based on solid information should be able to achieve just that without needing to be a statistician or a computer scientist.

Dynamic and Interactive visualization techniques that gives one the ability to perform analysis at the speed of thought enables many organizations throughout the world to analyze data, produce and share reports up to 100 times faster than traditional BI system and spreadsheets. Tableau’s one of a kind patented technology (VizQL) is on the forefront of such concept and technology. Venture Software Solutions, with its ten plus years of experience in visual analytics consulting is a proud resell and services partner for Tableau in South East Asia.

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