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Do You Have Small Budget But Eager to Implement Data Visualization and Share Output Securely In The Cloud?

If a professional dashboard and cloud-based analysis can best fit your needs, then the following product from Microsoft can be your choice. Come and explore with us on how far you can go with the solution.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI a suite of business analytics tools which transformed your company’s data into rich visuals for you to focus on what matters to you and share insights with your team. In other words, Power BI is enterprise-grade, ready to serve as the real-time analytics and decision engine behind executive department.

If you are data analyst,authoring tool – “Power BI Desktop” allow you be productive and creative with what you build. You can publish report securely to your organization with Power BI service and setup automatic data refresh with Power BI gateways so everyone has the latest information. When you are away from your office, you still able to access your data and report with Power BI Mobile apps with your mobile phone or any mobile device.

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Power BI Service

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that is built on Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure and platform. Power BI uses Azure Active Directory (AAD) to store and manage user identities and manages the storage of data and metadata using Azure BLOB and Azure SQL Database, respectively.

It is free sign up for individual to start monitoring your data. There is no setup, no credit card, and of course no training is needed, you can get insights from your data in no time.

With real-time Power BI dashboards, you can instantly know your business and solve problems or seize opportunities.Then with touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, you can access all your data in anytime at anywhere.

You can publish dashboard and reports as content packs to your team or your entire organization which makes it easy for members to browse and discover dashboards, reports and datasets for them. Not only share your insights with your team, your data story can be reach by millions of users on any device, in any place with embed your story on your websites in minutes.

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Power BI Desktop

With over 50 data connections to popular business applications like Excel spreadsheets, in-premise data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data and cloud services: allows you to create a dashboard in short period.

Power BI Desktop provide modeling and transformation in an Excel like interface where user able to transform data in multiple steps before user can see how data are presented in report. Power BI also automatically detect the data relationships among queries or can be edit by ourselves by selecting the columns that relate to one another.

Power BI Desktop provides visualizations that are very easy to create, modify, and switching between different visual charts with just a click. Besides this, you can use R within Power BI Desktop to visualize data by running R scripts.

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Microsoft BI Overview

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