MS BI Overview


Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) has the most complete solutions and products

When working in the area of data analysis, almost all companies require to support analytical users who demand powerful and interactive tool in dealing with data and also operational users who are desparated for detail reports for tracking or printing. Microsoft have superb products that can fulfil both the needs in self service interactive dashboards and also conventional paginated reports.


What are the main BI products from Microsoft ?

  • Power BI (PBI) - modern data analystic tool that is interactive, self-service, visual and support modern display medium
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - conventional report engine and suppoort paginated reports creation and sharing



Why Microsoft BI solution ?

Microsoft has been enhancing the products in BI stack since many years ago. The products suite is now can support a lot of advanced analytics feature ranging from data management, tabular reports, desriptive dashboards to advance analytics. Unlike other BI products in the market which are incomplete in coverage, some have strength in mordern visual analytics but not able to support conventional reports (about 60%-70% of the business function still heavily cosume this type of reports).

Microsoft BI is the market leader in both "how easy to use" and "features completeness" compared to any other BI products in the market. The Garner Magic Quadrant below shall give you a good picture if you like to evaluate or choose the BI solution.

BI MagicQ 2020


We provide licenses, services and training in both Power BI and SSRS. Follow our blog on the use cases and articles for more information.