To keep a complex network running at full capacity requires a lot of data-- in real time. With a typical network generating terabytes of usage and performance data, at millions of transactions per-second,finding any level of useful analysis in a reasonable time frame can be nearly impossible. In addition to this, it is a constant challenge to find new customers and maintaining current ones are a struggle, especially when new telcos sprout like mushrooms after rain.Plus, deploying new network infrastructure to access completely new markets can be enormously expensive. With Tableau Desktop, connecting to massive databases is a quick and easy process. Just load data into the Data Engine when you need to work with massive data at interactive speed, and then analyzing networks for expansion opportunities, whether existing or new, is as easy as dragging and dropping. After that, share the findings with decision makers across the network through Tableau Server.

It is this ease-of-use, most advanced visual query technology available in the market today -- that wont break your bank, that empowers companies like the BITE Group to have that extra edge over their competitors.


How & Where?

What's the best way to improve profitability? Finding ways to do more with the network you already have. Tableau can help by letting you understand patterns and identify outliers in your network. Industry leaders are already using Tableau to:

  • Analyze networks geographically to find inefficiencies.
  • Avoid major risks by performing what-if analyses.
  • Evaluate expansion prospects and find hidden opportunities.
  • Assemble and analyze data in minutes instead of days.


Case Studies

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Sample Viz