Research & Surveys



The treasure trove for data, the research and surveying industries rely extensively on raw information collected with thousands of man hours. However, more important than the volume of the data itself, is how can it be interpreted into a recognizable, comprehend-able sets of patterns that reveal trends and uncovering secrets. With Tableau, the entire set of data could be captured and represented in a meaningful, visual way that allows better insights and more accurate interpretations. Marketing and Research companies that rely on collected data from the public or other parties, and would like to see their data flourish with geographical maps, demographic illustrations as well as an interactive touch to their audiences, would definitely love what Tableau can bring to their game.


How & Where?

Used across the board from upstream to downstream

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Explorations: Petrophysics, Seismic Attribute Comparison, Log Analysis, Regional Geology, Geochemistry and benchmarking
  • Operations: Reservoir Survey, Productions Operations, Field Optimisation
  • Drilling: Non Productive time and cost analysis
  • Planning: Portfolio Analysis, Strategic and Capital Planning, M&A, and Peer Review
  • HR, Sales and Marketing


Sample Viz