Tableau’s dynamic visualization and the real time capabilities is perfect not just for monitoring operations where real time information feed is important but also for after the fact analysis to answer the “Why” and “How” questions relating to batch quality, yield analysis, down time analysis, metric comparisons between standards and operations, etc. Tableau’s ability to connect to various data from ERP, MES and analyze historical as well as live data without programming is used by vast numbers of manufacturing companies ranging from high tech LCD and semiconductor fabs, back end packaging and testing all the way to the small outfit producing nuts, bolts and prawn noodles.


How & Where?

  • Analyze production and run time analysis to fine tune your processes and find out problems that caused delays and downtime by viewing the live dashboards and its interactive visualizations.
  • Quality control \ monitoring: Multidimensional views across hundreds of variables from multiple data sources to get the whole story on quality.
  • Yield Analysis - Perform root cause analysis to find out causes of bad yielding lots, be it from recipes, machines, operators, or combinations of few.
  • Complement existing analysis from ERP systems to quickly identify areas of interests in bills of materials, requisition and planning, orders and supplies, etc.


Sample Viz

Sales Forecast