Hospitals & Healthcare



Government, research, private and non profit hospitals are big users of Tableau where they are deployed for variety of purposes ranging from quality control and customer services all the way to cancer and infectious diseases research.


How & Where?

  • Web based tools for clients and sales to track savings and investments with What-If analysis capabilities to help clients understand effects of changes in their portfolios.
  • Customer segmentation analysis to identify growth opportunities from certain demographics to better plan product releases and offerings.
  • Risk analysis across the board in home and business loans, investments, M&A, capital planning and allocations, etc
  • Operational metrics to track staffs productivity and ability to meet datelines.
  • Financial product analysis for better understanding of customer’s responses, product performances and evaluations for planning purposes as well as for monitoring purposes.
  • Spend and budget variance analysis to better manage budgets by understanding up to date performances of budget Vs. allocations, year over year comparisons, etc.
  • Securities analysis: Use data to drive down trading cost, reduce portfolio risk, identify patterns on suspicious trading activities, and look for opportunities.


Case Studies

** Case studies are from Tableau Software and used strictly for promotional activities of Tableau Software in South East Asia and Taiwan R.O.C. Visit for more information


Sample Viz

US Prevalence of Hypertension