Fast Moving Consumer Goods



Coca-cola, Clorox, Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Kimberly Clark find insights and answers from the challenges of their industry using Tableau and the list is growing...


How & Where?

The FMCG has one of the most dynamic and constantly changing data environments, rendering static reports useless. Tableau allows them to dispense with hours of report writing and focus on what matters – Finding insights

  • Understand the impact of SMA representative visits to stores.
  • Track pre- and post-visit data on Out of Stocks (OOS), On shelf availability (OSA%) and shelf Voids.
  • Provide executives with a full view into the health of the organization through monitoring KPIs.
  • Highlight a single KPI across all retailers or see all KPIS across a single retailer.
  • Evaluate the impact of pricing promotions
  • Database marketing to evaluate campaigns, promotions and marketing effectiveness
  • Analyze price elasticity of demand across a wide range of products and locations
  • Sales management and Survey Analysis


Case Studies

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