Educational Institutions



Universities large and small, famous and the upcoming, private and public all utilize Tableau’s technology in their daily operations. Some of the world’s best known institutions such as Yale, Cornell, Stanford, John Hopkins are Tableau users.


How & Where?

College registrars and other senior administrators uses them to analyze student data, enrolment statistics, etc to

  • plan for class scheduling and optimize course calendars that might entail taking into considerations dynamic variables from the hundreds courses, classes and instructors around.
  • Analyze and reports in student achievements, demographics, etc
  • Alumni Development: Find trends and patterns in alumni’s behaviours and create focused target segments for highest opportunity regions
  • Dynamic KPI reports to ensure deans and department heads have up to date metrics in their finger tips.


Case Studies


Sample Viz

Educational Institutions Cornell Univ Fall Enrollmt

See some live visualization from Tableau’s website.