Data science has became a hot topics lately. In any IT event, conference or seminar, one can attract the large crowd if data sicence and big data is one of the agenda. Read more

It’s been awhile since last blog entry. Tableau 10 has entirely new look and feel with beautiful fonts and colors which make your viz shine more than previous!  Read more

  Storyteller are a person who tell story. Its just as simple as it is. Our data did not know how to tell us story she want to share with us but we can help her by visualize her 'story' and share it with the world. Come, let me show you how can you can be a great storyteller with visualize software - Tableau Software. Read more

In the older days, fund manager will bring an Excel sheet with long list of number during the customer meeting. They will show you how consistent saving can help you to retire "rich and safe". After an hour of explanation, your eye becomes red and perhaps start to lose focus. With Tableau, we help to redesign the dry spreadsheet presentation and make fund manager's demo more attractive. Read more

 Have you ever think about the distribution of all goverment clinic and hospital or private clinic and hospital in whole Malaysia? Do the distribution is evenly along the population of whole Malaysia States? What are the numbers of goverment clinic and private clinic along Malaysia's states?   Read more