Recently the Ministry of Health had launched a new web portal with ton of informative COVID-19 data. This information is very details and nicely presented. However the information may be too much for a normal audience who is interested to know what is the daily number. As a data guy, I also feel immune with the figure after seeing it day after day, not much difference with 15,000, 23,000 or 11,000. This makes people think the pandemic is over and start enjoying in public area with family happily. Read more

"A year's plan starts with spring, while a day's plan starts with morning"- Chinese Proverbs. Time flies, and a new year has come. Have you made your new year resolution? Have you made any plans for year 2019? Be it a personal goal, a career goal or relationship goal, do you strive to achieve your goal within the year? Or have you start marking down calendar for the upcoming holiday? Read more

During the virus outbreak season, everyone also concerns with the infection status. A lot of countries had been lockdown, people is anxious with the situation, they are eager to know when the situation will be relief. One way to track the situation is to look at the number of confirmed cases daily.  As a user, I am more interested to know the movement of daily new and death cases in my country, whether the situation in other countries in the world getting better. I do not need fancy charts or map as I will follow the output everyday or perhaps many times in a day. The information delivered in clear and insightful manner is more important than the complex visual itself. Read more

You ever wondered how independent App Developers make money without needing a team? Why would someone pay for premium apps? Why don't they make every app free and flooded with Ads? This analysis tells you why. Read more

Do you still read newspaper? Or do you read news online? I bet it is the latter. According to and Business Insider UK, online news readers are steadily increasing while printed news readers are declining over the time. Convenience, customizability, availability and the lower price of online news is slowly yet steadily winning the favor of most people and taking over the market. And news websites are now making great profit from this trend. Read more