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For 6 consecutive years, Tableau has been rated by Gartner, as among one of the Leader in Data Analytics market, with high executability and extended vision. During the past few years, Tableau has delivered on a number of promised enterprise features to maintain its status as a Leader.

Since last year, Tableau released

  • -   certified and recommended data sources for improved governance of large deployments;
  • -   hybrid data support from the cloud;
  • -   scheduling and alerting;
  • -   an enhanced SDK and APIs;

Tableau also progressed in better handing data at scale. Tableau's new Hyper in-memory engine was released in January 2018, and its Project Maestro data preparation product is now in beta. In August 2017, Tableau acquired ClearGraph, to provide a natural-language interface, and is working on the integration for release in 2018.

Long story short, Tableau strives to improve itself, by providing more features and better services to its users. For more features coming in the future versions of Tableau, stay tuned.

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