Storyteller are a person who tell story. Its just as simple as it is. Our data did not know how to tell us story she want to share with us but we can help her by visualize her 'story' and share it with the world. Come, let me show you how can you can be a great storyteller with visualize software - Tableau Software.


Here we have a set of data provide by Dognition for an online study course which is about a set of data where the pets owner can run through a series of game and comes with a result of what kind of characteristic is their pets. But now the company have an issue is that although their users is keep on growing but the number of game complete by users did not increase. 

As you read the story, you will find out that the color usage in here are consistent. This is a way to show the main point you want to present with the audience. On the other hand, some notes on the dashboard to highlight more details about the chart or visualize you want to describe more are another way to keep the audience alert on the main point they should be clear about.

By click on each statement on the storyboard to know more what's the story are the data going to share with us!